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Lanarkshire Motorcycle Club


  1. The Club Trials Championship will be decided over a minimum of six (6) closed to club trials in any one (1) calendar year.
  1. Rules for the Club Trials Championship will be published annually.
  2. Awards in Club Trials will be issued for 1st in each class if there is a minimum of three (3) starters.
  3. All Trials will be held under the Sporting Code of the SACU Ltd.
  4. The age groups and engine capacity limits for competitors in all events promoted by the club will be defined by the SACU Standing Regulations.
  5. When competing, all riders must display their SACU competition licence number on the front of their bike.
  6. Committee members unable to attend meetings must give apologies to the Secretary prior to the meeting.
  7. A Disciplinary Committee shall comprise of the three (3) Directors and any three (3) committee members.
  8. Each Youth A/Adult riding member must observe at one (1) LMCC trial within their membership year.
  9. Failure to comply with the Rule 9 will result in the individual not being allowed to compete in an LMCC trial during the next Club calendar year until they have observed at an LMCC trial..
  10. The Club calendar shall commence on 1st January and end on 31st December of the same year.